Sunday, November 3, 2013

Photo Dump for Emily

Emily is using some photos of Max for a project she's doing {paparazzi much?}, and I was going to just email these to her, but it occurred to me that the Grandmas might enjoy seeing them.  Feast your eyes.

 Ah, I love this photo.  I look like I got hit by a truck.  Because I did.  The hard, fast labor truck.

 3 weeks in, and Henry still loves Max.  So thankful.

 See that envelope in the background?  Those are the films of my crooked back to show the anesthesiologist before my epidural is given.  Still not over it.

 Love this.

This picture is blurry, but I don't care.  It's a precious moment that I'll never, ever forget.

Overall, I was pretty bummed that we didn't bust the camera out until Max was born.  It's probably good, otherwise he'd have been born in the hallway or something.  I was so excited to take some really fun shots of the actual labor process, but Max meant business.

The other 'missed moment' was the final full-belly shot as we left for the hospital.  I was mad that we forgot, but then again, that might have made for a hallway {or car!} delivery.  So we took one as we came home.  I have the full-belly shots of me in this exact location with Ella and Henry, right as we were leaving for the hospital, hence the belly shot here.

Ah, third children and their rough upbringing.

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emily said...

omg these are so great!!! you actually look really good for just having a baby moments earlier. They are perfect. THANK YOU!!!