Thursday, June 30, 2011

25 Bits of Random

 I love our zoo!

I saw this on Jones Design Company.  Thought it looked fun.

#1  Both of my darlings are sleeping right now.  I'm blogging/sewing/eating/watching Netflix.  I'm not a napper.  I find it quite difficult to nap.  But sleeping in?  I'm very good at that.  Too bad my kids aren't.

#2  Why is it, when you're out in public and one of your offspring cries, people feel the need to comment?  Drives.  Me.  Crazy.  Yes, lady, I know my kid is screaming.  I'll get right on that.

#3  On July 15th, the final Harry Potter movie arrives.  Also, 'Winnie the Pooh Bear', as the Sunbean calls it, will be in theaters.  I think our family will be single-handedly supporting the movie industry that day.

#4  I'm making my kids matching July 4th outfits.  Stay tuned.

#5  Why do I always gain 70+ pounds when I'm pregnant?  It makes for a crazy year:  gaining and losing all that weight within a calendar year.  At least I lose it, right?  Right.

#6  Pinterest.  Love it.
#7  We recently watched The Kennedys on Netflix.  A fantastic miniseries.  Put it in your instant queue right now.

#8  I'm ready for my clothes to fit.

#9  Also?  I'm ready to not look 4 months pregnant.

#10  I'm having a meeting at my house tonight.  I really need to clean, make an agenda, and make a snack.  Right now, it appears that only one of those things will get done.  I'm going for snack.

#11  I got some pictures printed of the kids at a nice photo store.  So much better than Wal-Mart quality.  Not that I'm surprised.

#12  The farmer's market starts in 1 week.  I'm mostly ready, though a little anxious about how I'm going to help customers/take orders/nurse an infant all at the same time.

#13  I believe that I have a clogged milk duct.  Ouch.

#14  In 3rd grade, I was Peter Pan in an operetta.  I know.

#15  I hate my serger.  But I love my serger.  It's complicated.

#16  I've been jonesing for a vacation lately.

#17  I went to school at Ohio University in Athens.  I miss it.  The campus, the people, the community.  Everything but the homework.

#18  I met my husband 9 years ago this summer.  So crazy.

#19  I love York Peppermint Patties straight from the freezer.  Almost as much as I love Starbucks.

#20  A very sweet family friend send me a box of cloth diapers + cute outfit + gift for the Sunbean.  We got it today, and it made for a very exciting pre-lunch activity.  You are too sweet, 'Lorlie'.  Proper thank-you to come.

#21  Speaking of....why don't people understand how to send thank-you notes?  Like, in the mail.  If it's not hand-written and mailed via USPS, you're doing it wrong.  Sorry.

#22  I'm growing my hair out.  Right now I'm rockin' the awkward stage.

#23  I love cucumbers.

#24  I really love to move decor items around my house.  People always say it looks different every time they come over.  It's often not meant as a compliment, but I always take it that way.  I don't like my house to always look the same.  That's just boring.

#25  On my Facebook today, three people's statuses were about their kids crying when they left for work.  Staying at home isn't for everyone, but it's for me.  I'm thankful I get to do it.

Copy, paste, and play along!  I love to read these things.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little Dude is...

Phew!  What a quick month!

Time just flies by with two kids.  I seriously can't believe our little guy has already been here for one month.

We all love having him around, including the Sunbean, who keeps asking if we can keep him.  Love it!

Here are the facts about the Dude:

  • He is a monster.  Last Thursday, he weighed 11 pounds.  I'm sure he's up to 12 now.
  • 0-3 month clothing is getting snug.  Shoot...I'll have to go shopping for more summer clothes.  My life is rough.
  • Even with all that chubby cuteness, he has colic.  You know, the scream-every-night kind.  He's pretty unhappy from 6-10ish.  Kind of a bummer for us, but we expected it.  It's just the way our newborns are, I guess.
  • The good news is that he's incredibly happy and laid-back during the day.
  • And even better...he's sleeping 4-5 hours at night.  His sister didn't do that until 8 months.  Love.  it.
  • He's happily cloth-diapered now.  I found some clearanced-out diapers {thanks to my new friend!}, and ordered some to add to our stash.
  • He's started cooing and I saw a hint of a smile yesterday.  Such a cute baby.
  • We're thinking his hair is going to be lighter than the Sunbean's.  It's so hard to tell this early, but it sure looks lighter for now.
  • He loves to be swaddled.  His swaddle-wrap-things were getting too tight, so I went to buy some in a bigger size today.  It appears that they do not sell them for monster-sized children.  I guess when your baby hits the 12-pound mark, they don't need swaddled.  Time to bust out the sewing machine.
  • This guy loves to nurse.  He's a comfort nurser, which is new to us.  It really doesn't bother me, though.  I know in just a few short years he'll want nothing to do with boring old mom, so I'm trying to soak it all in now.
Life is just so much fun right now!  I forgot how great it is to have a baby around.  And it is such a joy to watch the Sunbean love her brother.  I know I was worried about it, but for no reason.  She just loves on this little guy all day long.
Happy One Month, buddy!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Officially A Mom

Nope, I'm not going to bust out the mom jeans, a la SNL:

I've officially joined the ranks of momhood because I've donned an official 'mom necklace'.  Before you get any crazy thoughts in your head, it's not one of the creepy ones.  I'm not creepy, I'm classy.  But you already knew that.

Here's the mom necklace I really want.

But the price tag is a little more than I had in my mom-necklace-buying budget, so I had to look at other options.

Off to etsy I went, and found a pretty good second choice.

I love that it's simple and dainty.  It's something I can wear often, and with most things in my closet.  Perfect for me.

The only thing I don't love is that my kids' initials spell dumb things.  It either needs to spell 'eh' or 'he'.  I went with 'eh'.

So there.  I'm now a bona-fide member of the mom club.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Quick Thank-You Gift

You know how sometimes someone does something that totally saves the day?
That happened to me on Sunday.  You see, I'm the Primary President {read:  in charge of roughly 50 of the under-12 crowd}.  You know I just had a baby, so I've been out of commission for a few weeks.  Well, on Sunday, one of my counselors had a family function to attend and couldn't teach the lesson.  The other had just gotten home from Girls' Camp {one week of rain + teenagers + camping + no sleep}.  I could not, in good conscious, call and ask her to teach.  So I called in the Stake Primary Pres, and she agreed to teach {and did a fabulous job, of course}.

I needed to thank her, and I knew I wanted a tasty treat to be involved somehow.  Because, you know, when you don't go to the store on Sundays, tasty treats become a hot commodity.

I saw something similar to this on Make It and Love It.  But I went the lazy just-had-a-baby route and bought a chinese takeout container at Hobby Lobby, some candy at the Dollar Store, and whipped up a little flag on Photoshop.

But I thought someone else might need a You-Totally-Saved-The-Day gift, so I thought I'd share.

Happy Monday.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

To The Dads

I'm pretty lucky, and here's why.

First, I'm blessed to have a dad who played on the floor with me when I was little, cared enough to say no, and never missed even one game, ceremony, or other elementary-high school-college event.  And now I get to watch him love on my own kids.  He's such a good grandpa.

Then, I married a man who gets up with our early birds, brings home treats for everyone, and isn't afraid to play dress-ups.  I love watching him figure out parenthood.  He's doing a swell job.

Probably because he has a great example.  I married into a family with a strong patriarch.  You know, the kind that has tea parties, sneaks his grandchildren m&ms, and plays board games.  Another good dad {and grandpa}.

My kids are lucky, and so am I.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads in our life.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh, Poop.

I had to share this little anecdote that happened right before Little Dude arrived.

The day before I went into labor, the Sunbean and I were at my 40-week OB appointment.  I would usually just drag the Sunbean along with me, rather than finding someone to watch her, because the appointments are seriously 2.5 minutes long.  I'd just pick up a box of chocolate milk (her Starbucks addiction is nearly worse than mine), set her up with Netflix on my iPod, and we'd be good to go.  Sidebar:  what on earth did parents do before technology?  Were waiting rooms just full of screaming kids?

Anyway.  At the 40 week appointment.  I mentioned that Little Dude's movement had slowed quite a bit, and my doctor decided to do a 'quick' non-stress test.  For those of you who have never had an NST, they hook you up to a contraction monitor and a heart rate monitor, sit you in a recliner, and come back in 20 minutes.

Not a bad deal, really.  I got the Sunbean set up with her Netflix (again with being grateful for technology), and settled into the recliner.  The nurse comes in 20 minutes later to get the printout, and it turns out that one of the monitors wasn't attached to the machine.  Well, of course not.  Not on the day I have a 2-year-old with me.

So it's 20 more minutes for me.  The Sunbean is doing great, really, with thanks to the nurse who gave her free reign over the sticker box.  The nurse comes back in after 20, and wouldn't you know....the freaking machine had run out of paper at about minute 2.

Soooooo 20 more minutes for me.  At this point, I figured we're probably running out of possible machine malfunctions, anyway.  Well, 5 minutes after the nurse leaves the room, the darling Sunbean informs me that she needs to go poop.  There are lots of gray areas in parenting, but this is not one of them.  You just don't ignore poop.

But what's a momma to do?  I wasn't about to get up from the monitors, since I was working on NST #3 here.  There wasn't a bathroom adjoined to the room, either.  So I had the sweet little Sunbean open the door.  She's rather obsessed with stethoscopes (don't even ask why....I have no idea what makes the mind of a toddler work), so I told her to find someone with a stethoscope.  I figured a doctor or nurse would be a safe bet, right?  The proverbial boogeyman probably wasn't wearing a stethoscope.

I could hear her in the hall say, "Excuse me, lady?  I need to go poo-poo."  Seriously.  I was laughing so hard.  Thankfully, this particular nurse thought the Sunbean was a doll and was saintly enough to help her find a restroom.

I was thanking my lucky stars that the Sunbean has been potty-trained for about a year, and so she could go on her own.  I'm pretty sure wiping toddler bums isn't in the job description of an OB/GYN nurse.  Although, now that I think about it, perhaps that would be better than some of the things they get to do.

The Sunbean earned herself another trip to Starbucks for that.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Little Dude's Birth Story

Throughout my pregnancy, I knew I wanted to avoid induction.  I'd been induced with the Sunbean, and while the experience wasn't terrible, it wasn't what I wanted this time around.  Yes, I'm one of 'those women' who want a 'birth experience'.   I just really wanted a chance to see what my body could do on its own.  My doctor was totally on board, and said she'd only have to schedule an induction if I got to 42 weeks.

When I was dilated, effaced, and put on bedrest at 35 weeks, I just totally assumed I'd have Little Dude soon after I was released from bedrest.  37 weeks rolled around, I hopped up off the couch....and walked around dilated to a 4 for 4 stinkin' weeks.  But that beats a NICU stay.

As my due date crept closer, I started to put together my birth plan.  I really wanted to labor at home as much as possible, but I tested positive for the Group B Step, and so I needed at least two rounds of an antibiotic.  The two rounds would take about 5 hours {they are given 4 hours apart}, and so my doctor instructed me to run, not walk, to the hospital as soon as my water broke or I was having regular contractions.  The Sunbean came pretty quickly after things started moving, and she wanted to make sure I had time to get the antibiotics, especially since I was already significantly dilated.

Anyway, Friday of Memorial Day weekend rolled around, and I woke up pregnant.  I'd been walking 3 miles a day for the past two weeks, trying to convinced this little guy to get out already.  MacGyver's family was coming into town that weekend from Detroit and Chicago, and we headed over to his parents' house Friday afternoon.  In the evening, I went with my sister-in-law and mother-in-law to deliver a meal to a friend who had just had a baby.  As we got into the van {my sister-in-law's new Honda Odyssey}, I felt a little somethin' and wondered if my water was leaking.  I made a joke about it, and figured it was probably nothing.  As we left to come back home, the same thing happened.  Hmm.

Not long after we got home, I stood up to go to the bathroom, and my water broke.  I was so happy for three main reasons:  the only thing that got dirty was my pants {not the new Honda Odyssey}, I was almost done being pregnant, and I *knew* I was in labor {none of the annoying guessing games}.  I came out and announced the news, and MacGyver and I headed home to finish packing our bags.

The final 'belly shot', taken right as we were headed out the door.

We got to the hospital, and were placed in a triage room.  The bonehead nurse that admitted us tried to tell me that my water didn't actually break.  I think I somehow attract these type of people.  I pretty much told her I wasn't leaving, and so she checked me.  I was at a 5, so that helped convince her.  I was so happy....a 5!  Halfway there!!

Facebooking in triage...before the pain set it.

She busies herself getting me admitted, and I called my wonderful friend and doula, Anna, and asked her to come on in {and bring me a snack while she was at it}.  This nurse, and another nurse that was even more ridiculous, stuck me 4 times before they finally gave up and put my IV {needed for the antibiotics} in the crook of my arm.  I'm nearly two weeks postpartum and I still have bruises.  Sheesh.

After the dynamic duo got done admitting me and such, they informed me there was only one open room.  I opted to wait about an hour for one of the natural birthing rooms {sooooo glad I did}.  After it was available, we headed in and got set up.  My nurse there was seriously fantastic.  She didn't push me to stay in bed or even in the room.  She made herself available, but stayed out of my way.  Love, love, love her.

By this time, I'd had round one of the antibiotics, so I put on some of my own comfy clothes and walked the halls with Anna and MacGyver.  It was getting pretty late at this point, probably around 11 or so, and the halls were mostly empty.  It was so nice to be in control of my body, and to be walking around to help my body progress.

I was so giddy with excitement at this point.  My body and my baby were deciding when it was time.  My body was progressing without the help of anyone or anything.  If  you've never gone into labor on your own, and you have the opportunity to do so, do it.  Such an awesome feeling.

For the next few hours, I alternated with walking around, a birth ball/heating pad combo, and the whirlpool.  I've heard the whirlpool called a 'midwife's epidural', and I totally agree.  I think being in the hot water cut the pain in half.  Still toe-curling, mind you, but slightly more manageable in the pool.  At this point, I was really feeling the pain, and my contractions were about every two minutes.

At around 4am, I asked to be checked.  I was dilated to a 7, and I had an overwhelming desire to get an epidural.  I can't tell you what changed my mind, but all I knew is that I really wanted an epidural.  I was dealing with the pain, and progressing well, but I just knew I needed that epidural.  Anna and my awesome nurse tried to convince me that I could do it without the drugs, but I insisted.  After seeing how everything played out, I really think Heavenly Father helped me make that decision.

By 5:30am the epidural was in and I feelin' good.  MacGyver was snoring on the couch, and Anna was nodding off in the recliner while I chatted her ear off.  What a good sport.  By 7am, I was ready to go.  Little Dude was still pretty high, though, so they let me 'labor down' for an hour.  Not that I cared....I wasn't feeling much.  At around 8, the new OB/GYN on call came in.  Let's just call him Dr. McAwesome.  He decided that since the baby wasn't moving down on his own, I should try pushing for awhile.  Let me just interject here and remind you that I only pushed for about 15 minutes with the Sunbean.  This would prove to be a different birth on all accounts.  So I started to push for awhile.

 I always get mad at MacGyver for taking pics while I'm in labor, and then I always love looking at them.

Like, for 2 hours.  At the end of those two hours, things started getting a little hairy.  Little Dude's heartrate was dropping into the 40's and 50's.  That's less than a beat per second.  And it's really, really frightening.  Dr. McAwesome decided that I needed to rest for an hour, with the hopes that the baby's heartrate would stabilize.

At the end of the hour, Dr. McAwesome also decided to turn down my epidural a little.  I was skeptical, but I already had this man so high on a pillar I could barely see him.  He calls the anesthesiologist in, and asked him to turn it down to a 10.  For reasons unknown to anyone but him, this ridiculous anesthesiologist decided 6 would be better.  I don't know anything about what these numbers mean...I just know that 6=pain.  Like might-as-well-have-not-gotten-the-freaking-epidural pain.  Well, that made my heartrate go up, which made the baby's go down.  Not.  Good.

Dr. McAwesome stepped in, and they upped the epidural, plus gave me a boost of something else.  Phew.  I started to push again, and just totally started losing control.  The pain was unbearable, and I was so stressed about my baby.  Hearing your child's heartrate drop to dangerously low levels with each contraction is just plain scary.  They starting waving consent forms in front of me for a c-section, which just freaked me out even more.  There was about 30 minutes of mass hysteria as everyone tried to calm me down, figure out what on earth was going on with my baby, and as they screwed around with the levels on my epidural.

It got to the point where I was so scared that I was begging for a c-section.  I was just frightened, and needed to know that my baby was okay.  I honestly felt like he would be safer out than in, and I just wanted to get him out safely.  Dr. McAwesome to the rescue, though.  He decided to crank the epidural back up, and also give me another injection of who-knows-what to help me relax.  Love.  That.  Man.

Everyone but MacGyver and Anna left the room for a moment.  MacGyver gave me a priesthood blessing, and that was when everything started to turn around.  There was peace in the room, and peace in my heart.  I was still in pain, I was still very worried, but I was calm and in control.

Dr. McAwesome and a few nurses came back in and set up for delivery.  At one point, a nurse started to get the stirrups out and pull down the big overhead light.  Dr. McAwesome said, "Women have been delivering babies for centuries without stirrups and lights.  We're not using them today."  Seriously.  Is he not the most perfect doctor for me?

I pushed for another hour and a half.  For the last half hour, I felt every little thing.  And, pardon me, it hurt like hell.  I hadn't slept in over 30 hours, and I'd been pushing since 8am.  It was now past noon.  That last half hour was so frustrating.  During every contraction, Little Dude's head would appear, and then pop back up when the contraction was over.

At the end, his heart rate was terrible.  I'm still surprised they didn't take me back to the OR.  Finally, finally, finally, his head was out.  You'd think the work was done.  Oh, no.  This boy has shoulders.  Ouch.

I looked down, expecting to see a pink, screaming baby.  What I was was a silent, dark blue baby.  Nothing on earth prepares you for that moment.  Nothing.  I realized then, for the first time, that I might not come home with a baby.  It had never occurred to me that things might not end well.

Little Dude's cord was wrapped tightly twice around his neck, and then around his body and legs.  Dr. McAwesome couldn't even get his finger between my baby's neck and the cord to loosen things up.  Thankfully, just a few tugs here and pulls there, and Little Dude was breathing on his own and pinking right up.  I understand that it was just a few seconds - 30 at the most - but those few seconds were an eternity to me.

So we finally knew what had been happening.  With every contraction, our little guy would move down the birth canal.  But the further he moved, the tighter the cord got.  His heart rate was dropping because he couldn't get the oxygen he needed.  Little Dude's Apgar scores were 9 and 9, so he's just as healthy as can be.  But for 30 long, terrible seconds, we just weren't sure.

From there, everything went just like I wanted.  I held and nursed him before anything else happened, and he was assessed and cleaned from my arms.  He latched on just like a champ, and hasn't really stopped nursing since.

So here's what I think.  I think that had I not gotten the epidural, I'd have had a c-section.  My body wouldn't have been able to settle down, and Little Dude's heart rate would have dipped even lower.  Without the line for the epidural, I would have likely been put under for the c-section.  Faced with those two options, I'd choose the epidural again.  That's why I like to think that there was some divine intervention happening there.

I also have to credit Dr. McAwesome.  With another doctor, I think I'd have ended up with a c-section.  He was calm and reassuring.  I loved his approach, and appreciated how much he allowed my body to remain in control.

And of course, Anna.  Without her, things would have been different, too.  She kept me calm and in control, and she has at least a one-third ownership of my child.

My recovery has been quick and pretty painless.  I'm loving life as a momma to two cuties, and I'm thankful that I was one of the lucky ones to got to bring home a healthy and happy baby.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Little Dude's Weekly Photo Project

It's no secret that I lurve these guys.  I get tons of ideas and inspiration from their blog.  I started reading right around the time they had Clara, and I have loved watching their weekly photo project evolve.

So Little Dude gets a weekly photo project all his own.  I added a page to the top of my blog, since I probably won't dedicate a whole post each week.  I get that most of you aren't as obsessed with my kids as I am.  Probably just my mom.

It's hard to believe it's been a week, but here's the first:

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Am...

....a stinking milk machine.

But you gotta love this face.