Thursday, August 29, 2013

7 Things About Team Green

As you know, we're not finding out the gender of this babe.  I've always wanted to be surprised, and Nic never does.  Now that we have a boy and a girl, I was able to sway him.  Here are 7 things about being 'team green' that I didn't know.
  1. People love to say, "Well, I like to be prepared".  I understand this sentiment, I really do.  Preparing for a baby whose gender is a surprise is different than preparing for a baby whose gender you know.  However, that doesn't mean that we're NOT preparing.  In our case, we have boy clothes and girl clothes, so I'm washing both in the itty-bitty sizes.  I made some burp cloths that work for boy or girl.  I'm making a gray and white quilt for the baby.  I'm preparing a place in our room for the baby to sleep {which is where baby will sleep no matter what gender}.  I'm prepared.
  2. It drives people crazy.  Oh man!  I had no idea people cared about this.  So many of our friends and family members are pretty perturbed that we don't know boy or girl.  It amuses me that people care that much, but maybe I should be flattered?
  3. People love to say, "that's the way it should be".  I don't know why this drives me crazy, but it does.  There isn't a way it 'should' be.  People can do whatever they want!  If they want to find out the gender beforehand, great.  If not, great.  I've been surprised at how opinionated people are about this.
  4. It's hard.  Maybe this is because we've found out beforehand with Ella and Henry, but it has been harder than I anticipated.  About 2 days after the 20-week ultrasound, I was seriously bummed.  I would hope and hope and hope at each appointment that I'd get another ultrasound.  But now, at 34 weeks, I'm so happy that we're still 'Team Green'.  I think I just needed to get used to the idea.
  5. It's fun.  I've enjoyed thinking about whether this will be a boy or a girl.  I definitely don't have any 'feelings' at all either way, and I'm carrying completely different from either one of my other pregnancies.  I'll go a few weeks thinking it's a boy, and then a few weeks thinking it's a girl.  Another thing that has been fun is being able to sort through and wash boy clothes and girl clothes.  We'll be taking some of both to the hospital {and have some of both ready at home}, so it adds to the fun and anticipation.
  6. Bonding has nothing to do with knowing the gender.  This is probably one of the top 'concerns' people have.  They assume that since we're Team Green, we can't 'bond' with the baby or that we don't care.  We do care, and whether or not you know the gender, there is still a little life inside of you.  
  7. It makes us REALLY excited for labor!  I'm anticipating giving birth more than ever.  I just can't wait!
Our 'going home' outfits.  Girl is from Ralph Lauren {thrifted}, boy is from Petunia Pickle Bottom {outlet and Henry's going home outfit}.


Savanna said...

We did team green for our third because I was prepared either way because I had kept all of my son and daughters clothes. I totally agree that people get annoyed that you don't know. One of the reasons I wanted it to be a surprise was so there was a first for this baby. It was totally worth it and I will not find out again. I loved hearing my husband tell me "we have a Brighton". It was such a special moment. I'm glad I never saw her gender in one of the 15 scans I had. Good luck and stay strong!

Berry Family said...

We loved being team green. We found out genders on first 2, and on the last 2 we had it be a surprise. It totally does make preparing & delivery even more exciting. I loved it!! Good luck on finishing touches & congrats!

Valerie said...

I have loved being "team green" for all 3 of ours. We will continue that with the rest of our babies and no one can persuade me otherwise!

emily said...

haha! I've never even heard of the term "team green." I am loving not knowing too, because honestly, I don't think about being pregnant. Which is a good thing. It IS funny people's responses. Some do get mad and others say that whole "there are so few real surprises left in the world..."
I have very few tiny boy clothes around, and no girl clothes, but I figure it's not hard to pick up some jammies in boy or girl colors since that's all my babies live in. Plus, the more I'm learning about ultrasounds, the more I'm totally fine about not having any at all!
I am awaiting your labor too!